Another “Real Stages” of Life

October 20, 2012 – My Graduation Day.

Sure you guys know exactly what you do now in daily. What to achieve, what to pursue, what to handle, what to fight for, what to believe, what to be responsible, what to keep our faith with, what to do.

I’ve just completed my 4-year education as an Geophysical Engineer, and graduated as bachelor. This is my new responsibility. When the university asked my vow to be committed as Indonesian Bachelor, I do my vow. To be fully meritorious Sarjana (bachelor’s degree in Indonesia) for the nation. Hopefully.

When I entered my university 4 years ago, it’s like a super new stage of life, which require another huge struggle and high-maintained mentality to deal with those experiences. I felt like a super tough person, that time. Struggled to finish my degree by a super complicated thesis defense, my friend would be admit it–ask them, and felt like I am the super duper brilliant individual, as well. Now, I am a graduate. Jobless. I should recharge my faith about it. And I am on it.

You should understand how it feel being unemployed. The spirit would come up and down while your soul keep convincing yourself which job is the better. Which type, which way, which salary, which city, which company, which industry should you worth to fight, considering things around your life. No supplementary funds to support your daily life since you are no longer under your parents’ full-responsibility, none. You should survive your life, as you are.

And, this is my now.

The point is, never give up on something you believe as your future, your another way of enjoying this harsh life, your dream. Whoever in this stage right now, don’t worry, I’m with you guys. Keep our spirit up!

NB: For everyone who finally touched and feel blessed to give me a job, just contact me. Seriously. ;p


2 pemikiran pada “Another “Real Stages” of Life

  1. cieee unemployed (sama). jadi mc infotainment aja yok

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