Hello, Singapore!


Day 1: [Jakarta] McDonald’s Alfa Indah Joglo, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport [Singapore] Changi Airport International Airport, Ibis Bencoolen Hotel, Sentosa Island (Around Universal Studios Singapore, Siloso Beach, Sentosa Skyride & Luge), Vivocity, Clarke Quay, Raffles Place, Marina Bay, and Orchard

Day 2: Marina Bay (The Shoppe at Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum), Cineleisure Orchard, Bugis Market, and Hooters Clarke Quay

Day 3: Singapore Science Center, Bugis Market, and Changi International Airport

Monday, April 9, 2012

After some academic business during last months in campus, I consider myself to take a short refreshing. In a sudden plan, me and my friend, Asyharul Fityan, which I already mentioned in my post titled “2 hours in Trans Studio Bandung“, went to Singapore.

McDonald’s Alfa Indah Joglo

The departure time is around 6 am, so we have to take a morning taxi to the airport. Shortly, we grabbed breakfast near my house, McDonald’s Alfa Indah. The store was relatively new and open for 24 hours. I got a bad experience here, I’m ordering the meals and beverages through the dine-in cashier. And the conclusion are:
1. My milo (beverage) was too much water. I can deal it. It’s normal.
2. The spaghetti was not warm, or at least well reheated. I still will tolerance it.
3. The fried chicken was like many times refried, not fresh. I will take it easy.
4. The cashier did not put my order in the screen in front of me. When my friend asked, “why don’t you put our order in the screen?” the cashier remained silent.
5. In invoice receipt, my order printed as delivery not dine-in for total amount of IDR58,455 but i paid for IDR68,500. We recognized it as their fool trick, so they no need to include our order in the report. Shame, McD.

Another first time, we used Jetstar Airlines JQ114 in terminal 2E Jakarta’s airport. The plane and flight was just okay. The flight to Singapore was only about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Changi International Airport, Singapore

We took a cab to the hotel in Bencoolen Street, the fare was S$18,50 including the ERP (Electronic Road Picing) Fee. Took a very short rest, we continue the trip to Sentosa Island using MRT. The Harbourfront station was the last, connected with the Vivocity, and we took Sentosa monorail (S$3 for roundtrip).

Sentosa Island

View from monorail to Sentosa Island

For Sentosa monorail, there were 4 stations:
1. Sentosa station (Vivocity)
2. Waterfront station (Sentosa Resort World and Universal Studio Singapore)
3. Imbiah station (Imbiah Lookout)
4. Beach Station (Siloso Beach, Palawan Beach, and Tanjung Beach)

Sentosa monorail’s stations

Differ from MRT, we shouldn’t have to pay any cost while having many stops using Sentosa monorail.

In Waterfront station, we were stopping by and taking pictures around Universal Studio Singapore. Bought some snacks from Hershey’s store and took a tour around Resort World.

Moving to Beach station, we were continuing the trip using tram to the Siloso Beach. I don’t have much thing to say, Bali’s beach is much better, but in a small and compact country like Singapore, they got almost every leisure you probably need to escape.

Siloso Beach

Sentosa’s trem

Still using the free of charge tram around beach area, we moved to one of the thrilling ride in Sentosa, Luge & Skyride. The admission for single trip of skyride and 1 luge is S$12,50. It was affordable and so much fun, more than that.

Ready for Luge Ride!

Not really far from the Luge, we got to see the iSky, the largest indoor’s skydiving in the world. Unfortuntely, it costs S$89 for 2x dives. We didn’t prepare that much for the fun. Seeing the attraction from the outside, was a good idea. Make sure you booked the time and the instructor, otherwise you should find the fitted time.



A huge mall connected the Singapore and Sentosa Island. We grabbed the lunch in Food Republic (food court on the top level). I ate Grilled Dory Fish with Tartar Sauce costs S$5. Nice lunch.

Grilled dory fish with tartar sauce

Clarke Quay

Famous for their riverside sightseeing, river taxi, restaurt along the riverside, nightlife, and fun in later night. We just walked along and took pictures.

Restaurant row along Clarke Quay’s riverside

Raffles Place

Cavenagh Bridge

Between Clarke Quay and Raffles Place, we found the historical Cavenagh Bridge and The Fullerton Hotel. The hotel was old but amazingly well preserved and still attracting people.

We found snack, block of flavoured ice cream layered with wafers or bread, costs S$1,20.

S$1,20 Ice Cream Wafer Snack

Marina Bay

Moving forward to Marina Bay, you would easily find The Merlion, half-a-man and half-a-lion, symbol of Singapore. The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Flyer, and Esplanade would be happy becoming the background of your photo. Most of the tourist got around here. The mid-hi level restaurant would be easily found along the river from Clarke Quay until Marina Bay.

Merlion Park

Singapore Flyer, ArtScience Museum (Lotus building), and Marina Bay Sands

At night, we spent the time to explore the famous Orchard Road. Many malls, many superbranded brands, many shops would easily found along the street. The heaven for shopping.


We grabbed the dinner in ION Orchard, one of the mall. You would heard about the chicken wings from Korea, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken. I ate a package of crispy chicken burger, fries, and soft drink costs S$9,95. Yummy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Today is another day for me exploring the city. My friend, Jawa, is fortunately having his training programme. I just called up my high school friend, whom study here, his name is Rahmat Ikhsan Saputra Manday, I called him Manday. In the middle of our way to finish our final project and thesis, we took a rest, met up, and went around the city. Manday accompanied me to some places. We met in Bugis Street, before we arranged the next destination. After some chats, we decided to go to the ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay. We took MRT down to the museum.

Marina Bay

Took a walk in a huge mall The Shoppe at Marina Bay Sands. It is a very brilliant idea. They got an “indoor Venice” inside, called Sampan Ride, for S$10 per trip per person, you will enjoy the sensation of having your boat in the mall. Just try it!

ArtScience Museum, Marina Bay

Not really far from the mall, we got to the ArtScience Museum. For anyone whom already recognized the signature photographs of Singapore, you would easily found the building of the museum, Lotus Building.

The 5-storeys building is organized to held typical exhibition depends on the moment. At that time, the artifacts of the legendary giant cruise, Titanic, was exhibited in one of the storey. On the admission floor, just pay the S$24 for Titanic museum, or S$15 for “pop art” Andy Warhol, or the package of S$28 for both exhibition. Another S$6 for deeper understanding about the stuffs through the sound guide is rented.

Titanic Museum

Information about the famous Titanic which i got from the museum.

In the past, first-class passengers should pay $4,500 (nowadays is as equal as $103,000). While the third-class passengers should pay $40 (equal as $900 nowadays). From the movie, we could see how luxurious the facility provided by the cruise to the first-class passengers. The third-class passengers is located in 4-bedded room. In that trip, they were around 700 third-class passengers, and provided ONLY with two bathrooms. So, once in a week shower is enough, they said.

In the museum, you will also find the replica of main staircase, first-, second-, third-class’ corridor, balcony, and every remaining stuffs of the Titanic (passengers’ toothbrush, plates, spoon, cruise’s spare parts, etc).

Titanic was discovered in 1912. So, in this year, they were celebrating their 100th anniversary in the museum roadshow.

All museums worldwide rules: No pictures were allowed to be taken inside.


We went to the Orchard, using MRT. Having lunch in Cineleisure’s food court on the basement floor, people usually called it Cine.  I ate Pad Thai from Sawadee Cuisine’s stall for S$4,50 and watermelon juice from the drinks counter for S$2. Delicious.

A few blocks from Cine, we took a prayer in a mosque. Nice, but I forgot the name of the mosque. Manday got another appointment, so here we dismissed.

Bugis Market

After we dismissed, I took my own way back to the hotel. I took a short view to the market. I concluded that this market should be really well-known by tourist. They sell many souvenirs (shirts, keychain, etc) also food &  beverages. Again, I bought the durian pancake and S$1 watermelon juice. Hmm, yummy! I went back to the hotel, and took a rest for a while.

Bugis Market

S$1,50 Durian Pancake!

Clarke Quay

Night at Clarke Quay

At nightafter Jawa came back from his programme, we grabbed dinner in Clarke Quay. As I have previously mentioned, this place is very well-known for its nightlife and restaurant row along the riverside. We took a cab from the hotel (Bencoolen), it costs S$15,00.

Chicken wings, fries, and drinks at Hooters

We ate chicken wings in Hooters.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Last day. Not really much to do. I almost out of plan, what should I visit next? So, I planned to visit the Singapore Science Center. Yes, it is not for my age, actually. I went there when I was kid, just planned to revisit it.

Singapore Science Center

Self-taken picture in front of Science Center

Located on Jurong East area. No direct MRT from Bencoolen to SSC. So, I took MRT to Jurong East station, and continued using the bus from Jurong East Bus Interchange connected with the MRT station. You just need your EZ Card to pay all of the transportation mode.

The entrance fee for adult to SSC is S$9 and another S$10 if you wish to watch the movie in IMAX Theater. I explored the science center, which mostly visited by kids, groups of younger children, a pack of family, etc.

I learn the things in many parts, Mathematics, Kinetics, Electricity, Physics, Sounds, Breedings, etc.

Bugis Market

Bought some souvenirs for friends in hometown, looking around, durian pancakes for many times, and having fun in the market.

That’s all my trip in Singapore. More or less, hopefully there would something be able to be learned from my trip. Thank you guys! 🙂


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