It’s our Ganesha Football League 2012

Let the balloon send our spirit!

Hello guys!

So, please let me pour all the “mellow” moment after finally we, the team, conquered the challenges during most of our last-5-months time. It’s been a really tough period, guys. I’ve been appointed by my friend, Reananda Hidayat, whom luckily accepted the big task of managing the whole biggest football league in my campus, to be one of his partner as the Chief of External Department (responsible for Fund Raising Division, Publication Division, and Legal & Permit Division). So, in brief, Ganesha Football League 2012 was one of a big project of TERRA ITB (Geophysical Engineering ITB Student Organization) to held a ‘real’ football league for all of student union in our campus. It’s the most prestigious football league, after all.

I accepted Rean’s offer without any further consideration. Just a quick “yes” to become his partner in the team. It’s clearly not because I really want this position with all the heavy responsibilities, but because I do really want to help Rean, and also TERRA ITB. So, voilà! Here I am, becoming the committee.

At first, I doubt my consistency of doing all the duties; as I got another responsibility in another part of my life. I was scared of not able making a good time management. But, as most of the event in my life, I’m gonna do my best. During this period of great responsibility, I received many tasks, nothing but I should do all those things.

Less supports, less human resources, less luck, but finally we conquer the event to the top edge. All the first plan becomes real at last, that was our achievement, at least at last. For the time that has been sacrificed, for the lack of smile that occurred during the last months thought about the event, for the faster heartbeat of having no sufficient fund to held the rundown, and for the emotion of being committee.

I want to congratulate all of us, GFL 2012’s committee, for our achievement making it happen.

GFL 2012’s logo

This is gonna be something to our future, trust me. We should be strike the means of all the lacks, and expand ourselves to the top edge!

*Congratulation to HMT ITB for becoming this year GFL’s winner!


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