Should I say, Good Bye, 2011.

As everyone says, it’s better late than never, so this post was one of my late. It’s almost many days after my last ‘really-post-except-my-tour-reports’ in this blog. In the last couple months in 2011, I were been in some trip arrangements which did not allow my idea to catch up the reality. So, there were nothing left on my mind to be written up.

2011, was another year for everyone which undeniably occur. So, everyone should have been experienced their own story, taken advantages of everything detailed, and gained lesson of each point in the day of the year. The proportion and impact would be at your very own control.

Some people said, the year of 2011, was “my year”. Where many of unexpected dreams came along the reality, which at last I realized them as ‘long-time-ago-dreams’. I will not point each of the things happened in my life, since the things were not everyone’s interest, and I am okay with that fact πŸ˜‰ But the thing is, being grateful for each simplest thing in your breathe, will bring you into a bigger pleasure of life which you would never expected or arranged before. Just keep our mind being grateful, for every good and bad happened.



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