Spain Day 8: [Madrid] Aeropuerto de Madrid-Barajas [Doha, Qatar] Doha International Airport and Retaj Al Rayyan Hotel

Sunday, December 4, 2011

We went to the terminal 1 Madrid-Barajas International Airport to back home to Indonesia using Qatar Airways. We had last good bye from Mr. and Mrs. Theo, Mr. Fahmi, Sandra and Malindra, and Mr. Herry, the proud family of Indonesian Embassy in Madrid. Once again, thank you so much Señor y Señora for having us as part of the family while our stay in Spain.

Sandra, me, Alin. Thanks!

Ah, how could I possible to describe my feeling of leaving this beautiful country. I am having many good times during my stay and visit since my first day in Barcelona, Madrid, and Toledo. This trip will be my biggest motivation to pursue another dream, that the country has taught me. The beautiful buildings, the friendly freezing weather, the Spanish people, the mollejas, the Metro train, were all memory would never been forgotten. The Batik Workshop which has been successfully delivered will be the real thing I could do as Indonesian people in the name of Putra Putri Batik Nusantara, together with my super partner, Sheila Purnama Bulan, to promote and to spread the amazing history behind Batik and the technique.

I left Spain with full-glad-hearted, and hopefully it won’t be my last time visit Spain.

The flight QR070 to Doha were ready to board. Adios y Muchas Gracias, gente!

I arrived in Doha International Airport after 6 hours flight. The connecting flight to Jakarta were on tomorrow morning, at about 8 am. Fortunately, Mrs. Molly from ministry already booked a night hotel in Doha, so, finally I stepped on Doha’s land. My passport was stamped also, yeah! The hotel named Retaj Al Rayyan Hotel located on Dafna, Diplomatic Distric, about 20 minutes from the airport.

Arrived in the hotel, we were dinner a super delicious Arabian and Asian food. How I love being in Arabian hotel because of their food served.

Retaj Al Rayyan Hotel Lobby

The room was suite, another luck.

Suite room; living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.

This was my another first time in the city of Doha, no matter I couldn’t explore the city very much, but at least, I could see the night city wonderful view of Doha. Asalamualaikum, see you tomorrow!

Doha in the Morning


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  1. Aih, I’m featured in your blog hahaahha 😀 Great you had a good time back here in Madrid!

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