Spain Day 7: [Madrid] Wisma Duta RI Madrid [Toledo] Artesania del Toledo and Toledo City Tour [Madrid] Sol and Arturo Soria Plaza

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Today, I finally joined the rest of the group which have been separated for some days because of another duty ahead me. I was living in Indonesian Embassy in Madrid, while Mr. Ramli’s team together with Mrs. Mien R. Uno, Mrs. Enny Soekamto, Mrs. Dian Tanjung, and the rest of the team were in the house of Indonesian Ambassador for Spain, Mrs. Wieke. So, I were picked up first, before picking up the other, about 45 minutes far from embassy to the ambassador’s house.

Mr. Gibravil, Mrs. Molly, Ms. Sheila, me, and Mrs. Myrna in front of Wisma Duta RI Madrid

We gathered to have a tour to another city in one of another province in Spain, named Toledo. Toledo was the first capital city of Spain, in past time. Toledo was first built since Greek history time, until at year of 700s, the Arabian came to governed the city for about 300 years. In the 11th century, Toledo was opposed by the King of Spain, and finally the kingdom ruled the rest of the city and country. Until the end of 15th century, Toledo became the center of education and art. Catholic, Jews, and Moslem were lived in harmony, until the city ruled by the king, the rest of the Moslems and Jews remained in the city should converted to Catholic, otherwise, they will be intimidated and soon leave the city. We could see ex-Mosque building also in the city as the prove of Moslem existence during past time. About an hour trip from Wisma Duta to Toledo.

Plaza de Toros, Toledo

Some point of Toledo

Toledo has been recognized as the first World Heritage Site from UNESCO, and nowadays, every court regarding on religion held in this city.

New archaeological's site revealed

Damascinas and Armaduras were the collectible items from the city. Damascinas were actually a technique of steel paintings coming from Damascus. They created the pattern into many devices, such as sword, table clock, necklaces, etc. The sword was the most collected item from Toledo. Some of the items were coated by gold with the price setted. Armaduras is the uniform made from steel for fighting during the war, to cover all of your body.

After walking buy some souvenirs in souvenirs shop and also in Artesania de Toledo, we went tour the city. Mr. Fahmi Noor Syafaat from embassy took us to the spot where could possible to take photos with the background of the city’s panorama view. The city view was incredibly amazing. Subhanallah.

Panorama of Toledo

Me in Toledo

Smileeeee 😀

After taking pictures, we got to take some walk around some parts of the City. The buildings and the road were really compact, different with Madrid or Barcelona which have been constructed in modern way, Toledo remains ancient. Toledo was actually has modern style of living, but they kept the buildings traditional. If you wanna buy souvenirs, buy them in the central city of Toledo, the price was half from Madrid and Barcelona, but unlucky us, Mr. Fahmi did not allow us to shop anything since we didnt’t have enough time to rush for another destination.

Around the compact city of Toledo

Sheila and me, also in Toledo

Another beauty of Toledo

The group were leaving the wonderful Toledo heading to Madrid. Planned to visit Palacio Real, Plaza Mayor, and Sol, which three of these places already visited by me since couple days ago. So, I decided to leave the group as well as find another destination.

I directly went to Sol to find luggage because mine brought from Jakarta already full, and also bought final items to relatives in Indonesia.

I went to the embassy using Metro. On the way before arriving in the embassy, I went to Arturo Soria Plaza to grab some needs. The price in this plaza were actually in the level of medium up to high. But, I was glad to find Supermercado (Supermarket) for daily needs.

That was the end of the 7th day, which will be the last day of exploring Madrid. I should make a final packing before tomorrow morning flight. Buenos dias.


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  1. Amazing journey recorded clearly in very great article. Have a success life, brother.

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