Spain Day 6: [Madrid] Palacio Real, Catedral de La Almudena, Opera, Sol, and Museo del Traje

Friday, December 2, 2011

Finally with a full-hearted Sheila, Rieke, and me went and must have visited the Palacio Real, the palace for the king and family in the earlier history. The Palacio Real (Royal Palace) is the largest palace in Europe. The actual name is the Palacio Oriente (East Palace), but it is hardly ever referred to by that name. It has 2,800 rooms, over 110 (main) doors, 870 window, 270 balconies, 44 staircases and a banquet hall with a table that can seat 140 people. It was used by the Kings and Queen of Spain from 1734 until 1931. It was originally commissioned by Felipe V in 1734 and construction took 26 years. During that time two more kings, Carlos III and Carlos IV also influenced the design and decor. The current King of Spain, Juan Carlos I lives in the more modest Zarzuela Palace outside of Madrid, but the Palacio Royal is still used for state occasions ( It has Opera Park in front of the palace used for held an classic musical opera show to entertain public around the palace. Also labyrinth plants, which is really beautiful.

Rieke, Sheila, and me around Opera Park

In front of Palacio Real, Madrid

Palacio Real inside

Right besides the palace, there is a Catedral de La Almudena. The entrance fee was 6 €, it has museum and a dome for tourist recreation. The same regulation for all the museum I ever visited in Spain, we were not allowed to take any of pictures inside the cathedral. Many philosophy came from the building of the cathedral, lucky me for having Rieke as an good Catholic, then she explained me many stories behind the things seen. On the dome, we should go up using stairs, and panoramic view was the price for energy to climbed up the dome. The view of some part of Madrid city. Beautiful. Lucky Rieke, the cathedral having Mass Service on 12 pm. She went to the mass, as the only Catholic between three of us, then we accompanied Rieke to the room and for my first time been in a Holy Mass service, and was in Spanish.

On the Cathedral Dome

Madrid's view from the top of cathedral

After the cathedral tour, we went to a food shop near Opera, Nice Cream and Coffee. Finally after many times hunting, I found churros and ate it with chocolate dip. Delicious Spanish churros priced 2.10 € for 3 pcs, but additional 20 cents if you want to dine in.

Opera was located not far from Sol, then I escaped for shorty 30 minutes to buy some bags for my sister and my mom.

We almost late going back to embassy. Today is the third day, also the last day for Batik Workshop in Museo del Traje. The enthusiasm were incredibly incresing. The participant were still 30 people as the maximum capacity was it. But, if I was counted right, it may up to 100s pieces of clothes were being painted in this final session. The upmost moment was when a woman brought her own bolster cover, very huge.

Batik Workshop Day 3

Mr. Gibravil, Mrs. Adiyatwidi (Indonesian Ambassador for Spain), me, and Sheila

And that was all our Batik workshop. I was really proud being Indonesian which having Batik as culture which should be conserved. Anytime you see Batik in anywhere, you should remember, how beautiful Indonesian Batik with the pattern and history behind it. Try to love Batik, from the beginning of the process, until you find out yourself falling in love real deep with Indonesian Batik.

Thank you so much for almost 90 persons of participant of the Batik workshop, the Spanish, the Indonesian in Spain, and other nation who has incredibly amazing with ability of Membatik, and also all the workshop team from Embajada de La Republica de Indonesia. Hopefully the technique which has been delivered and taught will be an opening stage for conserving Indonesian culture and loving ours endlessly.

At night, we went to Indonesian Embassy to attend the celebration of successfully been held the event of Batik promotion, through fashion show by Ramli in Madrid-Barcelona and also 3-day workshops. There were so many Indonesians live around Madrid coming to celebrate our success. Mrs. Wieke (the way we call the ambassador) gave speech, she’d thank us for the initiative and commitment to hold the event until the success point. Mr. Ramli also thank the ambassador and all of the embassy staff who already worked really hard to pursue the perfectness of our event. The dinner was held to familiarize each other as Indonesian, and closed by karaoke by anybody who’d like to sing.

While Mr. Ramli's speech

All delegates from Jakarta! Front row from left: Mrs. Sri Herawati, Mrs. Ida Hastuti, Mrs. Myrna Ratna Maulidiana, Mrs. Molly Prabawaty, Mrs. Enny Soekamto, Mr. Ramli, Mrs. Adiyatwidi, Mrs. Mien R. Uno, Mrs. Dian Tanjung, Mr. Gibravil. Back row from left: Mr. Jimin, Mr. Chunradus, me, Ms. Sheila Purnama Bulan, Ms. Devinca Ana Sanya, Ms. Rini, Ms. Rina Syafri Suri, Ms. Paula Verhoeven, Ms. Nurul Fadilah, Mr. Tri Laksono Aprilliyanto

Once again, thank you so much. Ms. Krisnawati Desi, Ms. Ajeng Pratitie, Mr. Fahmi Noor Syafaat, Mr. Mario Nikita, Mrs. Laela, Mr. Theo and Mrs. Ella Theo, Mr. Chandra D. Irianto, Sandra Saffira, Malindra Syach, Ms. Tasya, Ms. Desy Maharani, Ms. Marly, Mr. Herry, Mrs. Par, for all who already sacrifie many things until the event successfully done. Thank you so much.


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