Spain Day 5: [Madrid] Museo del Prado and Museo del Traje

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Today is gonna be the second day for the Batik Taller (Spanish languange for Batik Workshop) in Museo del Traje, and also we are gonna have a fashion show by Ramli, the master designer coming from Indonesia with his Batik. Before all of the preparation regarding to the workshop and fashion show, we went to a must visit museum in Spain, even in the world. It named Museo del Prado, somewhere near Plaza de La Cibeles and Banco de Espana.

Today’s team were Sheila, Rieke, Mr. Jimin from ministry who is very calm, and me. We were took the autobus number 53 destination to Sol, but we informed to took the Plaza Cibeles shelter. Taking the bus was took longer time than train, eventhough the station of the train was way further from our place. About 45 minutes, we arrived at Plaza de La Cibeles.

Post Office Headquarter

Plaza de La Cibeles


The museum was located about 700 meter from the shelter. So, we should have some 20 minutes walk from the shelter.

The entrance fee is 12 €. Opened from 9 am. The museum was the place for 7000 paintings, but only 700 was exhibited. Fortunately, we had Ms. Ana, the official museum guide to explain us the story behind each painting. And this was the first time, I extremely amazed with thing. Ana explained us very fluent in English, so we understand each of the story of the painting. An hour museum tour was opened my eyes, and no wonder they kept those paintings in a museum and the entrance fee was not cheap. Oh ya, we paid Ana, the guide, of about 50 €, it’s all worth to pay, you would gain many infos which you wouldn’t get by reading the explanation from reading the sign near each painting. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take any of the pictures. So, if anyone really interested in the story behind the painting, you’d better google some things. The museum was the perfect. I was amazed, super incredible.

Museo del Prado, Madrid

In front of Museo del Prado with Mr. Jimin

After lunch, we hurried to Museo del Traje, to prepare our 2 events. The first which was started on 4-7 pm was the Batik workshop. The participant of the workshop also from public, the same with day 1. The enthusiasm was increasing from the previous workshop. I was really honored and glad spreading my culture and tradition to foreign people then they seems really interested doing it.

In the middle of the workshop, I should prepare the rehearsal for tonight fashion show. This was my very first time had the runway abroad, since I am not a catwalk model. The models brought Ramli’s batik design, which also incredible.


There were about 4 models from Spain, 10 models from Indonesia including Sheila and me (Indonesian Youth Ambassador of Batik) and Ms. Rieke Caroline (Runner Up 1 Miss Tourism Queen Int’l of The Year 2010 from Indonesia). The funny thing, I wasn’t that nervous. You may imagine how supposed I was nervous at the moment, since this was my first.

Opening sequence

Look the seniors coming out after us

Beautiful Tante Mien R. Uno with a very stunning Indonesian Kebaya with Batik sarong

Spanish Model wears Batik

Davis also.

Paula Verhoeven

Me in first cloth

My last cloth


All models with Mrs. Wieke (Indonesian Ambassador for Spain), Mr. Ramli (the designer), and Mr. Sapta Nirwandar (Vice Minister of Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy)

Thank you, Mas Ramli.

The Indonesian Splendid Elegance fashion show was successfully done. The event was continued by the cocktail party. And that’s wrap for today. Adios!



2 pemikiran pada “Spain Day 5: [Madrid] Museo del Prado and Museo del Traje

  1. Maju terus budaya Indonesia! sukses slalu buat abang-None berdua, Paula Verhoeven jg None Jakbar lho???? seangkatan saya.

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