Spain Day 3: [Madrid] Estadio Santiago Bernabeu Real Madrid C.F., Museo del Traje, and Plaza Mayor.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Today was another day for exploring Madrid. After breakfast in Indonesian Embassy Guesthouse, Sheila and me decided to went to one of the must visit place in Madrid, Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. This stadium was the home for Real Madrid football club, one of the big team in Spain. Some said that the stadium was the best in Europe. We were using Metro from Arturo Soria, it takes about less than 30 minutes to reach Santiago Bernabeu station, only about 6 stations including 2 transfers. Like I already mentioned yesterday, the fare for single trip was flat, 1,50 €. Arriving in the stadium, and yes, it was really big.

This is how 4 degrees feel

Along Arturo Soria St.

Another point in Calle de Arturo Soria

Nice, huh?

For getting in to the stadium and to got the trip around, you should buy a ticket of 16 € for unguided tour and 22 € for guided tour. I decided to chose the first tour, unguided. We guided by the sign to go to the panorama view of the stadium, museums, photo booth, changing and locker room, player’s bench, VIP seats, and souvenirs shop. The stadium was really clean and huge. I was really excited finally experienced the part of the Real Madrid, which considered as one of the biggest club in Europe.

First view of the stadium

The home of Real Madrid C. F.

Upcoming match info

Panorama view of Estadio Santiago Bernabeu, Madrid

Another panorama

I met them coming from Brazil

Museum entrance

In the museum, many history displayed

Real Madrid

Trophy Room

Always Real


Player's Bench

Press Room

Metro Station

After rushing in Tour Bernabeu, we went home using Metro. We went lunch in the embassy.

In front of Indonesian Embassy in Madrid's gate

After all the short last briefing and preparation regarding to the Batik workshop in Museo del Traje, the team which consist of Ms. Desy the diplomate, Mr. Gibravil, Ms. Marly, Ms. Desy Maharani, Ms. Ella Theo, Mr. Mario Nikita, Ms. Sheila, and me.

The first session of the workshop was started on 4 pm in Museo del Traje, Madrid. The museum was really good, I imagine was it possible to my country has a beautiful museum like this. The participant for the first workshop were about 25 persons. They were started on time, full of enthusiasm, and the most important thing they were a fast learner. Some of them already used to this kind of craft. So, if they looked like pros, it was because they were highly interested in learning the culture, any kind of it.

They started Membatik

She already had "canting" for almost 20 years!

The enthusiasm were really high

The session started with the opening by the MC and the language interpreter, Ms. Desy Maharani, and brief introduction about the history, meaning, technique of making batik, types, and many other things from Mr. Gibravil, the professor of workshop. The participant were really curious, and got many things to be asked. So, the short introduction was ‘alive’ with many questions. At the time they were started the process of Membatik (making batik), they done the waxing process really fast, so, they got the final result earlier.

Putra Putri Batik Nusantara on Batik Workshop in Museo del Traje, Madrid

She was really interested in Membatik. So many questions coming.

Smile 😉 Me and Sheila on duty

Coloring process using chemical

This Senor also great Batik painter!

Look at the result! They were faster than me in the first time.

The first session was sucessfully done, all of the participant were really happy, and some of them made up to 3 pieces of Batik. You could imagine how they really enthusiast on membatik.

The weather was constantly being cold since the very morning. After the workshop done, we went dinner around Plaza Mayor. Plaza Mayor is like ‘alun-alun’ or the center of the people in the city. Together with Mr. Mario from embassy, he accompanied us to find any Spanish food, and yap, we were went to a Spanish restaurant named Maestro Villa Sideria. I ordered Pastel de Cabracho (Cabracho fish cake) for the primeros (appetizer), Rabo Estofado (Stewed Bull-ox-tail) for segundos (main course), and a cup of hot tea for postres (dessert). Since I don’t drink any containing alcohol, I couldn’t taste one of the specialized beverages of Spain; sangria, cidre, or wine.

Plaza Mayor in the night

Around Plaza Royal

Market sells wine and oyster. Specialties.

Maestro Villa Sideria, Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Pastel de Cabracho (Cabracho Fish Cake)

Rabo Estofado (Stewed Bull-ox-tail)

Mario was told me about many stories and information. One of them was about the symbol of Madrid which are bear and tree. I forgot the Spanish language for both of the things, but, Spanish language for ‘bear’ means ‘life’, and ‘tree’ means ‘mother tree’, so the symbol means mother tree of life, that was the symbol about.

The picture was taken on the Day 2

Thank you for having us around, Mario. I still got some days to explore another part of Madrid. So, done for today, Buenas Noches!



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