Spain Day 2: [Barcelona] Barcelona Sants Station [Madrid] Atocha Station, Indonesian Embassy in Madrid, Arturo Soria Plaza, Sol, and La Vaca Argentina Restaurante.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Today, I were left Barcelona sooner than the other people in the group. Ravil, Sheila, and me got the workshop to be taken care of in Madrid. The rest of the group were organized the fashion show in Barcelona with Mr. Ramli’s group.

Park around the apartment



Ordering breakfast

Most delicious chocolate croissant I ever ate

View around the shop


Thank you, Sir!

We, only three of us, Sheila, Ravil, and me went using fast train to Madrid. The train named Renfe, i didn’t remember how they called this kind of fast train in Barcelona. The fare from Barcelona to Madrid was 114.5 € and the trip was about 3 hours and 15 minutes. This is the quickest and most expensive transportation mode from Barcelona to Madrid. You may take bus or airplane in cheaper fare.

Barcelona Sants Railway Station, Spain

Waiting for the train departed

Ready to depart!

The train was really good, moreover looks better than airplane. Yes, yes, yes, the train was departed on time, so don’t mess with the late.

To Madrid Atocha Station.

View on the train

Madrid, I'm coming.

Door between compartments

Luggage's spot

Cool, eh?

We arrived at Atocha train station and were picked up by the Indonesian Embassy staff.

Madrid Atocha Railway Station

Really cool weather

Atocha Station

We reached the embassy to have our-finally-lunch and some briefings related to the workshop tomorrow. The embassy already prepared the electronic stoves with the pan for the malam wax, canting, the cotton clothes to draw the pattern, also brought from Jakarta the wax and naphtol for coloring chemical. Our lunch was so Indonesia, fried chicken, teri fish with roasted peanut, fried tempe and tofu, sayur asem, etc. The staff in embassy were so happy for the food which was so their hometown.

Calle de Arturo Soria

After briefings, accompanied with Mrs. Marly, the one who also lived in Madrid, she accompanied us to the Arturo Soria Plaza, to find SIM Card for the phone and another needs. Then she helped us to buy the subway ‘Metro’ ticket. Using Metro, me, Ravil, and Sheila went to Sol, location which all of the branded store were located. Just like to tourist spot where everyone in Madrid for tour would be really happy coming to the place.

We grabbed the Metro from Arturo Soria to Sol. The station was about 15 minutes walk from the plaza. The train was took about 11 stops including 1 transfer, and about only 30 minutes to reach Sol. Fare for Metro subway and bus was flat 1,50 € for all single trip. The place was quite huge, and I haven’t explored all of the stores, I’m gonna come back some days also in this trip. The price were cheaper than in Indonesia, but they will gonna be much cheaper while in season change, about it July and February, it would remain about 10% of its original price, since the original price already about 60% on Indonesian price. The conclusion was the prices were cheaper than in my country, go shopping! Haha. There were Zara, Topshop, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Mango, Stradivarius, H&M, and many other well-known brands here. Ms. Marly said that this was the place for tourist. Okay, nice shot, Marly. Three hours were absolutely not enough for you to finish all the stores, especially for you whom come to shopping.

Sol, Metro Station

View of Puerta del Sol

Bear and Tree of Madrid


Giant Xmas tree in Sol

Another landmark of Madrid

The monopoly supermarket in Spain, El Corte Ingles

Some road in Sol

Done for today’s shopping, because we already had an appointment to dinner with Mbak Desy from the embassy at 9 pm. Yes, Spanish usually have their lunch started at 9 pm until 1 or 2 am. I ate a super delicious beef steak from Argentina in La Vaca Argentina Restaurante not really far from Arturo Soria Plaza. The food was great, and the beef, hmm, yummy. Everyone should try.

That’s all the trip for today, tomorrow we will gonna have another exploration and somejobs regarding to the workshop. Buenos noches, Madrid!



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  1. i envy you dear ! take care..

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