Bali and Nusa Tenggara Timur Day 3: [NTT] Sabolo Island, Seraya Kecil Island, and Bidadari Island.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today, the group were leaving Bintang Flores Hotel to Tilong Harbour. We were arranged to have a trip to small islands around the province.

PPBN before sailing at Bintang Flores Hotel Lobby

View on Tilong Harbour, Labuan Bajo

The boat were good, it has 4 air-conditioned rooms for 8 people, kitchen, bathroom, and space for dining and resting.

My boat!

The rooms way

My room in the boat

Today is snorkling day. All of the itinerary was visiting beach for snorkling. Our first destination was Sabolo Island. It took about an hour to reach it from Tilong Island, West Flores. We snorkled to see the beauty of sea underwater. And yes, it was very magnificent. I’m sorry for having no underwater pictures since I have no water-resistant camera.

Labuan Bajo view after some minutes sailing


Me and Sekar on the boat


Crystal clear seawater before landing on Sabolo Island

Aga, me, Sekar, and Gumi. See, I am the real black and white.

The second of the day was Seraya Kecil Island. There were Seraya Besar and Seraya Kecil Island. Seraya Besar has population and living, but in Seraya Kecil there were a cottage. I was not sure who owned the cottage, seems like foreigners. Indonesian, go quick. Invest here. My tour guide, Ms. Ayu said, there was an island bought for only IDR 8 billion by foreigners. It has been started, once you ignore the beauty of ours, soon, we are gonna lose them. Ours. Just pay attention and think about our future. The captain of the boat were telling me, in 2006, he ended his business in Bali because of many competitors and turns out to stagnation for his now business. He moved to Labuan Bajo and started to have his business. And now, he already owned 2 boats. Don’t miss the opportunity.

After snorkling aroung Sabolo Island, with Sekar.

It’s difficult to share about this one kind of the beauty, you should experienced it by yourself, at least one thing for sure all the vision through media was nothing before you see them. Watch your feet not to step on them, don’t die them. The beauty should be conserved.

The view along sail to Seraya Kecil Island

Today’s third destination was Bidadari Island, an hour and a half from Seraya Kecil Island. Just snorkled and explored another beauty of my country. So, if I should rank the three islands for snorkling based on my own experience are:
1. Sabolo Island. The coral and fish were super magnificent. You could conveniently resting your feet while tired swimming around without being afraid stepping on coral.
2. Bidadari Island. Not as wide as Sabolo, but Bidadari offered more complete kind of fishes and unique coral.
3. Seraya Kecil Island. Many starfishes and seagrasses would be easily found around the island. Normal till blue starfishes.

Me, Gumi, and Sekar in the water ready to snorkling!

Bidadari Island, NTT

Don't forget to pray wherever you are guys. Thank Gumi for capturing this moment.

All the young on the trip! This picture was so great.

Now, I am on my way to Kalong Island (Kalong means Bat). It located not far from one of Rinca Island which was one of the national park. The name Kalong or Bat came because there were many bats in this island, having almost no shoreline because of the trees and plantation grew making a closure on the island. The bats were in group fly leaving the island when sun set down, and individually coming back to the island in the morning.

Bats in Kalong Island

I had my dinner like also my lunch on the boat. The crews were cooked us delicious meals, both Indonesian and Italian food. They should be very independent taking care of their business since they doing very great service on us. Nice experience after all.

Our lunch

Our dinner

This all my super tanning trip for today. I was enjoyed all of it, and would not gonna forget about all of this. Tomorrow, is gonna be the super tiring one. Have a first good night in the boat!

A night chat before went sleep


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