Bali and Nusa Tenggara Timur Day 2: [BALI] Ngurah Rai International Airport, [NTT] Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport, Gua Batu Cermin, and West Flores

Friday, November 18, 2011

Heading to Nusa Tenggara Timur province using Merpati Nusantara Airlines, the aircraft MA-60 was smaller than the one which I flied from Jakarta to Denpasar. The passenger capacity was about 52 passengers, while in this time flight there were only about 28 passengers were occupied. The aircraft were still using propeller as part of the engine because the capacity of the aircraft itself was less. The flight was slightly different with my last one, due to the size of the aircraft, the take off and landing process were more adrenaline rushed. It was my first time experience flying with this kind of aircraft and it’s awesome to had it as another new experience.

With Sekar heading to the airport

Checked in to Labuan Bajo, NTT at Ngurah Rai International Airport

Me and the aircraft in Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali

MA-60 aircraft

On the airplane

View of eastern Indonesia before landing on Labuan Bajo

A moment before landing

PPBN on Merpati's Magazine! 😉

Arriving in the terminal, we welcomed by the girls from Flores, they were given us a Kain Tenun slayer. Kain tenun was one of traditional textile which Indonesia has, which many other cities in this nation has their own Kain Tenun style. One of Indonesia’s heritage. It is really difficult to make kain tenun using your own hand, they had their technique which not everyone possible to make it, because it requires your concentration, patience, and high technique of all the things, just the same needs while you were making Batik.

Cak Ning Surabaya 2011 and Putra Putri Batik Nusantara 2011 @ Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport, NTT

Me in Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport, NTT

Rama (Cak Surabaya 2011), Twinda (Putri Favorit Batik Nusantara 2011), and me in Arrival Lounge, Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport

We went to have our lunch not really far from the airport, around Labuan Bajo area, West Flores, Flores Island. The name of the restaurant is Gardena Restaurant. We ate Bengkolo, Sniper, and Tuna fish, also squid and stir-fry kangkung.

View from Gardena Restaurant, Labuan Bajo, Flores

Our lunch!

Fortune today, we have our Director of Marketing Development from the ministry together with us. He speeched about his main puspose making this trip, how was Indonesian domestic tourism nowadays, and his hopes for real contribution from the trip’s participant to the people outside and promoting our local tourism instead of foreign destination. For youth, the most reliable way to prove our seriousness on promoting Indonesian tourism is through online media; facebook, twitter, and blogs. As I on my way to promote Indonesian tourism through this blog, I already work on director’s order.

Should I?

Our guide says that in 5 years ago, the local issue on tourism is because there were only few flight destined to Labuan Bajo. But nowadays, the flight from some airline companies were already served for almost everyday. Labuan Bajo were actually your gate to Komodo Island. As many already recognized Komodo as one of New7Wonders of Nature, in this last 3 months, local tourism has amazingly increased.

Talking about National Park in NTT, consist of 3 big islands, some of them are Komodo and Rinca Island. Komodo Island with total area of 53.000 kilometres sq were actually not the first place to visit if you were about to find the reptiles Komodo. You’d better to visit Rinca Island with total area of 9.000 kilometres sq. Komodos were solitaire, they were not in group hunting for food and living. But, be really careful. It could smell their preys around 5-12 km far. Don’t tease them with your meat or your menstruation blood, stay away. It runs really fast and their camouflage were really best. For 90 kg Komodo, it needs around 45 kg of prey, so, once again, watch out! It ate only one time for one month period.

After lunch, we went to checked in to the hotel, Bintang Flores Hotel, a-four-star hotel located near beach. This is the room.

Bintang Flores Hotel

Still in West Flores area, we went to Gua Batu Cermin (Limestone Cave). Long time ago, the cave was the lithology of the sea. Then happened the deformation so we could see the cave on the land nowadays. We could find the turtles and fish fossil in the rock. About the mirror rock cave itself, here is the story. A long time ago, the cave was used to be a hidden place for prehistory human. There were a space with water inside and directly exposed by the sun light from the crack and small hole of the cave. The sun exposed was their only way to know the time from the shadows, and for those who washed their face using the water exposed, they will live long and healthier. The rock was limestone and crystalline.

A welcoming view to Limestone Cave

Sekar, Aga, and me in the way to Limestone Cave

Limestone Cave or Gua Batu Cermin, Manggarai Barat, West Flores

Me in front of Gua Batu Cermin

Me before entering Gua Batu Cermin

Sekar, Twinda, and me before exploring the cave

The stairs to the cave

Flashlight on and watch your head while in the cave

Watch your head! Really, my head was just hit the rock.

The turtles' fossil

The cave was really stuffy

The mirror space

Chasing for sun sets time, and still in West Flores, we went to Paradise Bar and Resto for some juices and snacks. And for many time in my attempt to see the sun sets, I was failed, again. It was really difficult to catch the moment.

Sunset view from Paradise Bar

Chelsy, Gumi, Sekar, Aga, Twinda, and me on Paradise Bar, West Flores, NTT

And for the dinner, we went to Italian Restaurant named Mediterraneo Restaurant not really far from Paradise Bar. The price was range around IDR 30,000 – 100,000 per food. I presumed that the spice and the taste of the foods were really Italiano delicioso, but for me, I’d suffer to have any of Indonesian food after all.

Ocha (Putri Pariwisata Indonesia-NTB), Twinda, me, Rama, Olin (Ning Surabaya 2011), and Gumi

I were really sleepy while finishing this post. But, I should have it wrapped before tomorrow. We are gonna to Komodo Island and start our ship trip. Huaaaahh. Good night, all!


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  1. Thanks for the report, welcome to Labuan Bajo!

    The komodo dragons are great and I hope your trip out there is safe and fun

  2. Complete your posting with some pictures, your posting will be more attractive

  3. Enak sekali bila bisa rekreasi ke Labuhan bajo di Nusatenggara , ini tapi bagi masyarakat Indonesia biaya nya masih terlalu mahal sementara kita masih berharap Financial Fredom .

    • Saya setuju. Waktunya kita dukung pembangunan infrastruktur yang dilakukan pemerintah agar pariwisata Indonesia semakin maju.

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