Bali and Nusa Tenggara Timur Day 1: [BALI] Ngurah Rai International Airport, North Kuta, Tanah Lot, Bali Zoo Gianyar, Jimbaran, and South Kuta

Thursday, November 17, 2011

I was very lucky to have this time Familiarization Trip together with Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy from Market Expansion Division. This trip was originally arranged to familiarize us, Indonesian, with the tourism attraction that has been exposed during the last time. Beside the officers from the ministry, together with us as Putra Putri Batik Nusantara (Asran Aga Shady, Sekar Sari, Gumilang Adiputra, Twinda Rarasati, Chelsy, and me), also counted in Cak and Ning Surabaya 2011 (Parrama Ramadhan and Wees Kaolinni), Putri Mutiara Lombok 2011 (Ni Made Dwi Citra Budiani), Putri Pariwisata Indonesia NTB (Rahmadewi Rosalifa Jihad) and Ms. Siswanti Yuandari, a journalist from Media Indonesia.

Me, Chelsy, Aga, Twinda, and Gumi from Jakarta

For this time trip, we arranged to have an opening day in Bali, three days in Nusa Tenggara Timur, and another one closing day again in Bali. The itinerary was very interesting, the places were I never been before will be our destination. Bali already known as international tourism destination, while Nusa Tenggara Timur with its beautiful Komodo Island, Rinca Island, Sabolo Island, and Labuan Bajo (Bidadari Island and Gua Batu Cermin) are starting to get both domestic and international attention.

Our first destination was Denpasar in Bali province. We gathered using flight JT032.

Me, Aga, and Twinda in Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali

We grabbed our lunch at Taman Segara Madu, Canggu Village, North Kuta. The food was okay. The place has swimming pool and park, playground, and open for public. For the pool and park, children need to pay IDR 10,000 and adult IDR 12,000.

Jempiring Restaurant, Taman Segara Madu, North Kuta

We continued our trip to Tabanan area. We went to Tanah Lot Temple. It was named Tanah Laut at first, until many people came to visit the temple, and simplified the pronounciation of the temple to became Tanah Lot. It was built by a Hinduism priest which he saw a slight light and was planned to find it. The temple was built to pray for Ruci’s God, God of Sea. Tanah Lot Temple was located on Beraban Village, Tabanan. While the sea high tide, the temple will be isolated by the seawater, no walking access. At the bottom part of the temple, you would find a part of fresh water, in the middle of the saltwater. The tale told if you were using the water to wash your face, it will make you become healthier and stay young. The temple was one “barrier” temple of Bali in western.

Temple ornament at front gate of Tanah Lot area

Balinese Dancers statue also at front gate

Market before entering Tanah Lot Temple

After the market, before the temple

Tanah Lot Temple

Twinda and Me in front of Tanah Lot Temple

The group of Fam Trip in Tanah Lot

Another view of giant seawaves in Tanah Lot

We was continued our trip to another part of the beauty of Bali. Taking about an hour trip to Singapadu street, Sukawati, Gianyar area, we went to Bali Zoo. It was good to had a chance to visit a USD 75 zoo for free. They had many animals to be seen.

Welcome to Bali Zoo

Backdrop for taking photos, maybe. 😉

Me and the bird at Bali Zoo


Casuari Bird

Giant Crocodile

Moloch Gibbon

Agile Gibbon

Just born Tiger and her mom

Sun Bear


Brahmini Kite


Leaf Monkey


African Camel

The Mad "Jacky"

I was found many ‘sesajen’ since my first trip in Bali since many years ago. Sesajen which putted near a statue means serving for God and the other which was located in front of the shop or the house was meant to avoid bad soul.

The next trip was having dinner with sunset in Kedonganan area. But, unfortunately, the traffic was really terrific. It was stuck everywhere. The flight in the airport was delayed for some hours, and it’s all because of the presence of US’s No. 1 in Bali to attend Asean Summit.

So, the trip was changed to Krisna Souvenirs Shop first. You could find many Krisna Shop around to buy anything identical with Bali. The price was fixed, but very fair.

At last, we grabbed our dinner around 9 pm in Kedonganan Beach, Jimbaran. The name of the cafe was Bali seaview cafe. They served us with complete seafood, such as fresh grilled fish, prawn, crab, kind of calamari, and also fresh coconut. Yummy!

Me on Kedonganan Beach

That’s all our tight schedule for today. I rested in South Kuta area, Risata Bali Resort and Spa. The hotel was cottaged, and everything’s just okay for our really shortnstay. Tomorrow we’re gonna have our adventure to another beauty of Indonesia. I should go bed and hope everything is okay. See ya!

(Photos will be uploaded upon arrival in my hometown, wait them guys!)


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