Quick Tips for Solo Travelling

I you were planned to travel just by yourself, I got some tips for you in order to avoid inconvenience during your solo trip.

1. Check your budget. Decide whether the trip is gonna be the budget trip or exclusive trip.

2. Fix your hotel reservation. There were so many online booking services, so don’t worry about having no credit to make a reservation by phone, or you were avoiding extra cost for travel agent to make a reservation after your name. The hotel’s website or the third-party for hotel booking are welcomed to help your reservation. Make sure you already pay the room using safe method, and you already got your voucher hotel. Reconfirmation is needed if you were feel insecure with the reservation, just make it all fix.

3. After having a confirmation about your hotel, make a well reservation for your transportation. Why you should book your room first? Because there were more choice of transportation mode and schedule than the availability of the room. If you were travel in a long distance, using airplane, choose the airlines based on the reputation on which you’d prefer more, the low-cost airline or the five-star one. Make sure you already understand about all of the regulation, pricing, departure and arrival time, and baggage limit. Low-cost airline will need extra cost if you did mistakes during your ticket reservation (whether online or via travel agent), because they add more fees into you inflight meals, super expensive additional cost for excess baggage, fee for seat picking, insurance, fuel surcharge, etc. Make sure, you pay a ‘wanted’ price as you already list to your budget.

4. On the D day of your travel, make sure you already got your flight and hotel ticket arrangement, money with the destination’s currency, and packed your stuffs. Remember to not excess the baggage limit, unless you’d pay more, also not to excess the size and weight for cabin baggage. Don’t be late for your flight, or else, it would ruin your trip. For some low-cost flight they weren’t served you with inflight meals, unless you already order on your ticket reservation, so it’s better to bring your own meal in you cabin baggage. Do not bring liquids more than 100 ml in your cabin stuffs, the airport officers were really strict on this rule.

5. Make your trip as enjoyable as you already planned. Learn more about your destination, from the environment, social, security, daily language, shopping, tourism attraction, etc.

Have an excellent trip, guys!


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