Bali Day 4: Tanjung Benoa, Kuta Art Market, Discovery Shopping Mall, Kuta Beach, Jimbaran, and Ngurah Rai International Airport

Today, I was planned to do some watersports. It was a must activity while you were here. So, the location where many watersports company were located was in Tanjung Benoa, near Nusa Dua area. You could have many choices of provider and type of the watersports. They have parasailing, diving, banana boat, flying fish, jet ski, and so many others. For locals, they got special rate for you, almost a half from the international. Make an internet observation about the price, so you wouldn’t get the price doubled. I paid IDR 80,000 per person for the parasailing, but the staff was told me to waiting for the sufficient wind to fly the parachute. I was waiting for an hour, until it’s tighten my schedule to the check-out time of my hotel. The wind wasn’t came up at all. So, I decided to cancel the game and directly went back to the hotel.

Tanjung Benoa Beach, Bali

Me waiting for the wind.

After checking out from the hotel, I still had about 9 hours before my flight back to Jakarta. So, I went to Pasar Seni Kuta (Kuta Art Market) in Kuta area. The market sells clothes, crafts, souvenirs, art paintings, and all you need for the gifts. Be really careful of the price. I already observed about some prices of the gifts around Bali, and yes, the price was more expensive up to 300%. Don’t be afraid to bargain the price eventhough they already had the price tag. Most of the sellers were not putting the tag on the items, their tricks after all, so once again, be wise on the price execution.

I went to Kartika Plaza street. You may ever hear about Discovery Shopping Mall. It is a big modern shopping center in Kuta area. The mall has their own doors to the beach, amazing. You may find anything you need here, from the traditional stuffs from the market until the modern needs for your daily. The mall was quite big, so many shops and restaurants will be found here.

The connection to the beach from Discovery Shopping Mall

After exploring the modern site, I went to Kuta Beach once again. Making another temporary tattoo for my right hand.


I felt missing something, yes the traditional part of coastal people. The Hinduism people of Bali still hold their tradition very tight. I were lucky to have a view of their traditional ceremony. They walked from the temple across the beach, they made a line bringing ‘sesajen’ in front of the line, went to the beach, and walked along. They went ended to someplace, I didn’t follow their route because they walked in a long distance. I asked the native people of Kuta about that ceremony, he mentioned the name, but unfortunately I couldn’t hear it clearly.

Hinduism ceremony

The sun was setted down, I left Kuta with its beauty. I went back to my hotel to shower, I’ve been so sweaty today. Then, I ate one of traditional food, which you would find easily along the street around Bali, Nasi Pedas (Spicy Rice). For some Indonesians, this kind of servings were common in daily. We picked the menu directly from the showplace, where all your food will be easily chosen. In Java Island, we commonly know this kind of servings as Warteg (Warung Tegal). I like Nasi Pedas more than Warteg, besides I ate Warteg almpst everyday, the seasonings were spicy and more complete. I bought satay near the Nasi Pedas selled on the stall. And, after I ate it, the taste felt different. It was Turtle Satay. Knowing the truth, I stopped eating it, and was not bear to eat any of them at all. Poor turtles.

The woman who sells turtles satay

Turtle Satay (IDR 9,000 per portion)

This Nasi Pedas ended my whole trip in this beautiful island, because my flight will be in a few hour.

Well, my airplane for the flight returning to Jakarta GA 417 was better than the previous trip. Bigger and more sophisticated. The foreigners beside me asked me about the plane, he said that whether the plane was new because of its performance. I felt the pride being part of Indonesian that time.

Ngurah Rai Airport Boarding Lounge

Thank you so much, Bali, for the kindness of the people, for the heavenly beautiful scenery, for the foods, and for my life refreshment after all. I will come back here, someday, I promise. 😉


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