Bali Day 3: Garuda Wisnu Kencana Cultural Park, Pura Luhur Uluwatu, Padang-Padang Beach (Labuhan Sait Pecatu), Legian, and Kedonganan.

In front of GWK miniature

I started my trip for today visiting the most incredible statue in Bali, even in Indonesia. Garuda Wisnu Kencana or usually shortened as GWK. The statue was located about 6 km from my hotel. GWK will become the tallest and biggest statue in the world, soon, after the finishing and reunification of each part which now located separately. The entrance fee for local tourist is IDR 25,000 and international tourist is IDR 50,000. After you park your vehicle on the lot, you will go through the entrance gate while the staff checking your ticket.

GWK has their ampitheater for traditional dances and musical show. They had the schedule, if you were into it, just check the schedule. On Sunday, they have Kecak Dance at 6 and 7 pm. They also have the building for handicraft and traditional characters showroom named Balairung Dwi Sri. Some of the stuff were selled items. On the annoucement board, written that they have the movie related to the statue from the very beginning construction.

Traditional characters

In the complex, there were also the gift shop, handicraft shop, cafetaria, and the outbound (ATV and Segway).

The wall of Garuda Wisnu's story, there were 3 more

Plaza Kura-Kura (Turtles Plaza)

Peace Monument

A geological rock building around the park

Moving from the additional to the main part of the cultural complex. They already have some parts of the megastatue. The Wisnu Plaza, The Garuda Plaza, and the hand-part. “Wisnu” or Vishnu is a supreme god in Hinduism and “Garuda” is the bird of His vehicle. There were a story behind this statue, I may post it later. After they were really finished, the statue will have 150 metres tall. The three part existed in GWK park nowadays were really huge. But after you saw the masterplan of the statue and the complex area, I believe that in the future GWK will be the number one pride of Bali, even Indonesia. The masterplan was really amazing.

Plaza Wisnu

Plaza Garuda

The hand-part of Wisnu

At about 12.00 in the noon, I continued my trip to Pura Luhur Uluwatu. “Pura” is a temple for Hinduism do their praying. Entering the gate, you only need to pay IDR 3,000 and you will get a clothes to make you more proper while entering the sacred area. The big board of attention wrote that “Take off your glasses, earrings, hats or caps, belts. Becareful with monkeys”. Yes, I followed the rules, at first. There were so many monkeys on location.

Attention Board in the front gate

One of the Pura (temple) in the area

A monkey also drunk coke

I took the photo of magnificent Pura at the top of the cliff hill. You will see the Hindia Oceans on your infinity view, plus the blue water and the waves which strikes the bottom part of the hill. It was really amazing on anyway, anymood, anyweather condition. There were so many international tourist both individuals and groups coming to Uluwatu Temple.

The background of Uluwatu temples

Magnificent scenery of cliff hill in Uluwatu

And.. as the annoucement first had told me, take off the glasses, but I ignored it because the sun was shone really hard. Look at this pic.

Hmm.. Look at the picture carefully!

Yap, there was a monkey on my leftside, and successfully stolen my glasses. It wasn’t its fault anyway, I already warned before my entrance. Good bye my sunglasses. 😉 I should buy a new one, soon.

It ate my sunglasses. What was it taste, monkey?

After all, GWK and Uluwatu Temple were becoming must visited places in any of your type of visits in Bali. I planned to go back hotel through another way. While the way back, what a surprise when I accrossed a bridge, I saw an amazing scenery of a beach and an ocean. I stopped, and oh my god. This is what they called heaven on earth. The name of the beach was Padang-Padang Beach, located on Labuhan Sait Pecatu. The waves, the cliffs, the clearest seawater, and the location were excellent. I saw more foreign tourists than locals, they had more infos than ours. It felt private, calm, and natural with the caves surrounded the beach.

The view of the magnificent beach, Padang-Padang Beach

Padang-Padang Beach, Labuhan Sait, Pecatu, Bali

The weather was really hot. I just let the sun burnt my skin becoming darker. I enjoyed it. After lunch, I decided to take a rest for a while in the cottage before continuing my trip to find the new glasses. I still got a day left in Bali, so I still needed it.

On 4 pm, I went out the hotel to find my new glasses. It wasn’t as easy as in Jakarta to find the sunglasses which I’d prefer more. So, I decided not to buy any of them. I went to the Legian area, for two things. The first was about to buy some Balinese souvenirs, and the second was to visit and see the Bali Blast Monument. I found the tradtional souvenirs, with many choices around Legian street, while the street were actually surrounded by modern cafes and restaurants. On October 12, 2002, world shocked by the great terrorism attack in Bali. Many were dead, most of the victims were foreigners. The monument was built to memorize the victims. I felt the atmosphere of losing your relatives while seeing the name’s list. It was really terrific. With the memorabilia, hopefully we could create a safer place, a peaceful world, and a harmony social life throughout the world.

In front of the Bali Blast Monument, Legian, Bali

List of dead victims

I left Legian and my prays, moved to Kedonganan area. Kedonganan area were just a kilometer far from my hotel. For you, who’d like to eat fresh seafood, this place was the perfect after all. You may pick one of many restaurants along the street, choose either the fresh or live fish, crabs, calamari, lobster, prawns, etc, choose the seasonings, and they will serve you with their way. The most expensive experience you would get was the seaview and eating accompanied with the waves sound. The tables were on the beach. You may felt that the IDR-100,000-for-each-person’s-food were expensive, but, with the experience you would never forget, it’s all worth to try. You would also serve by the sound of the airplane landing and take-off since the airport was also in your sight. The food were good, Indonesian was very rich with their spicies and create a indulgence seasoning.

The beach view from table

Some of the menu: Chili Calamari and Plecing Kangkung (Stir-fry water-convolvulus)

My... tonight desert. Haha. Baked sweetcorn.

I were very tired of my trip today. But, look at my day, it’s all packed out in a good plan. I enjoyed my short escape from the harshness of my daily life. See you tomorrow, my last day in this trip!


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