Bali Day 2: Nusa Dua area, Hello Asean (Asean Fair 2011), Jimbaran, Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak

View from the sea, Kayu Manis Beach, Nusa Dua

Today, using the cycle provided by the villa, I went to the villa’s private beach to watch the sun rise. Unlucky me, after waiting for about an hour, the clouds were blocked the sun like they didn’t want the sun to be watched. After I finally could see the sun, the position wasn’t on rise anymore, it’s already on the sky. It’s okay. I’ll try another day.

View from the beach, Kayu Manis Beach, Nusa Dua

Waiting for the sunrise on the beach

On the Nusa Dua Beach

I decided to take a short-self-tour to the Nusa Dua area. For those who didn’t know, the villa is located on a special area, which only hotel, villa, convention center, shopping malls were allowed to be built here. There were no private housing. You may hear Westin Nusa Dua, Grand Hyatt, Nusa Dua Bali Theater, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Novotel Nusa Dua, St. Regis, Amanusa, Bali Collection Shopping and Dining center, and many others. They all were in this area, which you should go through security checking before entering this complex.

Bicycling on the street side in Nusa Dua area

My cycling around Nusa Dua area

Trans Sarbagita. A transportation mode to solve the traffic problem around Bali.

While I cycling around the complex, I found some buses, with the same color, routing to pick up passengers. Later, I knew from the people that, this bus called Trans Sarbagita, is a metropolitan commuter transportation within the district includes SARBAGITA (Denpasar, Badung, Gianyar, and Tabanan) with the full of convenience of air conditioning and strategic location of the stop in place. The current corridor served route for Batubulan-Nusa Dua vv. This service operates every day starting at 05.00 am – 09.00 pm with a ticket price of IDR 3,500 and student tickets of only IDR 2,500. I saw the interest of the people to use this bus was still low, maybe because they weren’t need it yet like in Jakarta. Soon, if the government sustain to develop the transportation mode, Bali in a greater phase will be able to avoid the traffic problem.

After cycling around Nusa Dua area, I went back to the villa. I was so hungry, then I immediately went to my villa, showered, and got my breakfast. The villa was actually offered the serve of the breakfast either in the villa or I could go to the restaurant. I wanna feel a different atmosphere, so I went to the restaurant.

The enterance gate of the restaurant, Kayu Manis Nusa Dua

Backward view of the enterance. It was an amazing concept.

I ate a scrambled egg mix with the salmon thingy on the something bread, I forgot the name exactly.

My breakfast

The restaurant has many views.

Yesterday, I tried to go to the Asean Fair 2011. It’s a very big event held by the ASEAN, as Indonesia being the chairman of ASEAN this year. You may see the banners and the advertisements since your first time arrived in the airport. They were everywhere. The ads mentioned that the venue was in Nusa Dua Peninsula Island and Bali International Convention Center (BICC) Westin Nusa Dua. But, unfortunately, the BICC which located near my villa, walking distance, wasn’t the venue for the expo and exhibition. Maybe BICC is only for the conference or any formal point.

During my cycling this morning, I finally found the venue of the expo. I planned to return to this peninsula this noon, after packing my stuff, because I have to check out this noon, moving to hotel in Jimbaran area.

I was dropped off by villa’s limousine to the gate of the event. The weather was really hot, the sun shone hard. I was in Bali anyway. The event was actually held during one month, started on October 24. The venue itself in Nusa Dua Peninsula Island, was really fit and excellent for this kind of international event, except the difficulties of people from outside Nusa Dua to reach the venue. The complex of Nusa Dua were really exclusive. You would prefer to have your own limousine rather than using bicycle, almost no public transportation. I don’t know exactly about the target of the event, whether for the youth, domestic tourists, or international tourists.

Entrance gate

Me in front of the logo of Hello Asean 2011, Nusa Dua Peninsula Island

The Asian Fair 2011 itself was consist of the expo of culinary, crafts, book, cultural, music, textiles, etc. They had a huge stage at the center of the venue, many famous local musicians were gonna performed on the stage.

Miniature of a part of Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Temple in front of the main stage. The pride of Indonesia.

While I explored the booth, what a dissapointment. The booth already left by the operator, many of them. Less than 30% of total booth were survived, the rest were missing no where.

Beside the front gate, there were an exhibition of “1000 Asean Children’s Painting”. The location wasn’t really good, because at anytime under the rain, the visitor soon to get wet, the land were slumpy and muddy. Besides that, the infos which the children try to deliver through their pictures were really good. There was a picture of Komodo created by Indonesian child, a future of his developed and leading country by the Singaporean, many others. They were only children, the power they have were the honesty, of anything. The appreciation for what they did suppose to be balance in return. I was interviewed by a journalist from Dewata TV, regarding to this complain, and I delivered it all.

I went back to the villa on 11.30 am by the limousine, picked my stuff, then ready to be transferred to my next hotel.

Jimbaran Puri Bali was located on Jimbaran area. There were several huge hotel such as Four Seasons, InterContinental Bali, Keraton, and Jimbaran Seafood. I checked in at about 12.15 pm, and this in my cottage.

Entrance view

One of the door. There were 3 actually, to the living room, to the bed, to the bathroom.

Living room, Double Gardenview Cottage, Jimbaran Puri Bali

Double bed

Bathroom, Jimbaran Puri Bali

Terrace with Gardenview

On 5.00 pm, I went to Kuta beach. It’s about 8 km far from my hotel. As almost all of the people already knew about its famous, I visited the beach. And yes, I almost forgot the last time I were in this beach. Many changes, the wall was built to separate the beach from the street, eventhough the design was traditional, I felt it reduced some natural points of the beach. Kuta Beach is the beach with densed people. If you would come to find the peaceful to relax or doing meditation, this beach was a wrong choice. But if you meant to surf in friendly sea waves, or making tattoos, or shopping gifts, or seeing a huge number of people, Kuta Beach is the right decision.

Kuta Beach

Me on Kuta Beach, Bali

I went to had a short rest in the Kutabex, a modern shopping center across the Pantai Kuta Street.


After almost an hour and a half walk and exploration, I moved to Legian and then Seminyak. In Legian Street, you would find many shops along the street, both of the side. From the branded until the traditional crafts, so in Seminyak. But in Seminyak, they had more hotels and villas because they were closer to the beach. I went to Seminyak beach. The waves were bigger than Kuta, since I went there later than Kuta. It was a new experience to see the beach and their waves in the dark.

Legian area

I got to the hotel, and that was all my trip for today. Oh! Almost forgot, this is a gift from me, from Kuta Beach 😉

My temporary tattoo on the lefthand. The bird was looked like the pattern while I create my first own batik.


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  1. kok bisa ikut hello asean?mauuuu

  2. wow! this i great! I was at the ASEAN fair too. I stayed in Nusa Dua Area – Bali Village Sopa and Hotel. but i think your villa looked great!



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