No ‘picture’ about Jakarta, for now.

I had my walked along and within the main area of Jakarta, which many of people already recognized as Jalan Sudirman. About almost an hour, I walked alone, just by myself, to explore the city where I’ve been lived for more than 9 years. Not because that long period of stay, it means that I already had enough time to enjoy my time to stare, to pay a very detail attention on each aspect, to analyze, to think, and to understand anything in the city. I almost forgot to do those things while I had my stay here before this day.

My morning activity, walking along the street and seeing everything happened in daily basis were very normal, nothing special. But as the citizen of Jakarta, as the very part of the city, the capital city where everything happens here, where everyone would sacrifice everything make their survival happens, where everytime you would face the extraordinary things in front of you then you should very ready to them. I just want to deliver my critics, my advise, my point of view as a citizen and as a university student. Nothing more.

These are my thoughts created during my walk, this morning.

1. City Design
I walked through the pedestrians along the street. But unfortunately, the pedestrian wasn’t built to accomodate the needs of the people who already sacrifice to walk on it. ‘The needs’ and ‘sacrifice’. Why? The context of ‘the needs’ here is about the consistency of the pedestrian to accomodate the walking-needs of citizen. If they were built to make people convenience, they should first observe the design including the pathway, the continuity, the surroundings, and every details. The pedestrian wasn’t as continuous as they didn’t consider to provide zebra cross at the end of the pedestrian. The pedestrian wasn’t built really along the street, they were not really connected, so I should find another ‘illegal’ way to find another pedestrian as they suppose to be connected. The ‘sacrifice’ here is about the people who already chose to walk through the pedestrian, they weren’t provided with the beautiful scenery, they were faced with the wastes everywhere, air pollution, blocked pedestrian with the big-flower-pot, broken pathway, even worse. They sacrifice theirselves to survive this condition, but they weren’t appreciated in return.

2. Social
I found so many people during my walk. The officers, the drivers, the small-scale-on-the-street sellers, the policemen, the poor people, the homeless. Jakarta on my focus, is the place for everyone. Every morning, they begin their activity to gain a better living, or at least to survive then stay alive. Where every kind of people gather, many habitual activites, many thoughts, many objectives, many believes, people in Jakarta varies regarding on what they really try to fight for. Why the poor and homeless survived to earn a living in Jakarta? Because Jakarta is the place for everyone? Because Jakarta is giving more earnings than another city in this nation? The answer is ‘no’. Most of us were trapped in this ‘campaign’. But in another side, I found Jakarta as a place where you could learn things, taking advantages on your observation, and implement it to your life as a better comparison. This view is just an-hour-in-the-morning-view. There are many viewes in another scope of life existing in Jakarta. Just try to realize it, as you are the part of many people in this harsh city.

3. Economy activity
The economy activity includes all activities done by the people in order to gain profits in any scale then it would support the operational cost. In principle, almost every people doing this economy activity, because in basis, people need to earn something to get the other thing. So, started with the drivers of public bus, the sellers of convenience-daily needs, the sellers of ‘nasi uduk’ for breakfast (nasi uduk is a kind of Indonesian food steamed with coconut milk), the director in a company, all of them fought to fulfil these needs. The problem in Jakarta citizen regarding on this economy activity is the people try to do almost anything they possible to do. The ‘anything’ stamps created wrong preceptions and objectives to those whom not strongly stand on their principle to do the right things. Let your vision and thought lead you to analyze this problem, I fully believe that you, especially if you are Indonesian, would clearly understood this condition.

4. Discipline
Discipline is number one personality issue in such a developing nations like Indonesia. The self-awareness to obey the rules, not to break any regulations is still low. The government already built the infrastructure such a bridge for people who would cross the street. But in fact, the people often choose to not using it, as they were chose to cross the street right on it, with having no further consideration about their safety and others. The queuing issue were hardly forgotten by the people. It supposed to be queuing everywhere in public space to handle everyone needs. But, unfortunately, in our country, the awareness to respect another rights is still low. People seldom consider theirselves in another person’s point of view. So, less people would be able to understand the importance of being discipline anywhere in public area. Many traffic lights were disobey by the vehicle riders, many traffic signs weren’t usable since the restriction been denied by the people.

5. Public Transportation
Transportation for public is one of important infrastructure which every city, especially capital city, should be able to provide. Busway, public bus, taxi, and many other public transportation mode were provided in Jakarta to fulfil citizen’s need. But which public transportation is needed? A proper one. The one which economically could transport mass people from a place to another place but still considering about the convenience of the passenger and the on-time-departure-and-arrival. As I found public bus along my walk, I saw that the bus was no longer in a good condition, both of the interior and exterior need to be repaired, the emission is real bad, and the driver need to be explained about safety and passenger’s convenience. The fee is fair, but as compensation is the less comfort. The taxis, there are many companies operate taxi in Jakarta, but, the one we need is the one with the good reputation regarding on their services and fare implementation. This fare-doubled issue is really common in Jakarta, so, everyone should be really careful about this. Unless, you’re gonna victimized by this issue.

6. Air and Water Pollution
As I mentioned many times above, in Jakarta, many activities occured. Not every company and people consider about the environmental issue, so about the air and water pollution. The river were no longer crystal clear, they were browned and polluted. And so the air. We breathe more polluted air, contaminated with carbonmonoxide and another pollutants, than the fresh air. It may not impacted our presence life, but, future? The medical study and observation would tell you more about this. The beauty of the city also impacted by the pollution. So, we need more fresh water and air to be used.

7. Wastes
Because of the very concentrated amount of people in the city, the management of wastes also coming up as one of the biggest problems. The trash bin wasn’t placed in many strategic areas so the people couldn’t effort the clean city. Eventhough the trash bin already provided, the less awareness of the people is also the greatest issue after all. The wastes were everywhere. There were regulation established by the government about the wastes management, but, without no execution, the rule was only an annoucement. The city turns out to become the dirty place everywhere. It completely will reduce the comfortness of the city where everyone would always prefer to live the clean and beautiful city.

So, these all my thoughts and critics to my beloved city. I do realize that as a young people, having no enough capacity to improve the city in a bigger scope, i just could possible to start the better from my own self. Then, at least to my environment. The main problem I see in Jakarta is because there were so many immigrant coming to Jakarta from outside the city. So, they feel that Jakarta is only the place for them to find a job and gain a living, not feel as their hometown. Could you imagine while you were not in your hometown? It is difficult for you to love the place from your genuine part of the feeling. So, this loving feeling has to be started from very now on.

I am sorry for having no pictures for this post. Not because there were no picture about Jakarta at all, but, I hope that I could post a better picture of Jakarta when the city is already proper to be pictured. This post is dedicated to all of the citizen including the government of Jakarta Province and all of the workers coming from outside Jakarta. This is just a little aspiration, there are so many biggers out there. Start with the smaller then we will gain the bigger. Love your city, your home, wherever you are.

Enjoy Jakarta.


2 pemikiran pada “No ‘picture’ about Jakarta, for now.

  1. Kamu creative ya 🙂 Bolehkah saya bisa tahu bagaimana cara membuat Blog? terima kasih banyak ya sebelumnya

    • hi frida. saya masih agak rancu dgn pertanyaan kamu. yang kamu maksud, cara membuat blog atau cara memulai untuk menulis?

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