Marriage, is a part of lesson

Me and the big photograph of Imim-Mas Dika, as my hope for their big life

People born, grew, and died. Life has many kind of meanings. As a baby was born, he/she starts their life as a human. They grew by their parents’ nurture, surrounded by their nature, and formed as a character. Parents and children are the components of a family. Mother, father, brother, and sister. They all got their own role in the family, in order to make it work perfectly as a smallest organization in social life.

Father goes to the office, while mom manages the house and sometime does work like what father does. Children goes to school, from kindergarten to university. The activity differs the status of a human-being in the environment. Person who goes to the office called officer, with many title such as manager, director, etc. The one who goes to the school and university called student. Another who organized in house as siblings by their parent’s rule called children. And so on.

When children grows, they started to find many new stages in their life. They were becoming the student since in primary school until they finished their tertiary school as a bachelor, they found life’s lesson by their own thought, or through another’s point of view. They are growing up.

People find out what they see in daily, consider it as habit, and implement them into their own life. Seeing another person and start to take care each other, they gain the sense of having each other as partner in life. They start loving another person as they already love their selves. Then, came the word of ‘marriage’. Two persons who committed to love and take care each other, unite under the legal law of a country and belief. Their words turn out to become their promise. And it is binding.

People starts to think about their family, another individual, it is no longer about their self as person, but also about their wife or husband, later about their child, grand child, all of the offsprings, and their relatives. They start to manage the relationship between two families and more, learn how to communicate in order to satisfy mutual interest, and encounter the future problem. The way we act in social, will determine ourself as a character.

October 9, 2011. Is the day, when my sister (i called her Imim), Dilla Sabrina, has found her commitment to manage a family with her chosen-partner. He is Capt. Inf. Putra Andika Trihatmoko, a member of Indonesian armed forces. As the ijab-kabul (permission and agreement to married in Islam) mentioned from his mouth, he was legally commit himself as my brother-in-law, as son-in-law of my parents, and as the husband of my Imim.

In the future, they will have their full responsibility to take care each other, manage their life as a family, take a good care with relatives, and contribute to the nation. Their smallest contribution is actually their effort to make a happy family and respecting each other. Imim and Mas Dika might already formed their own family. They will start their new life apart from their core-family, and all of the things will be their own. As a brother, I only left my prays and hopes for their easiness to maintain their commitment, for their feelings of respect and loving each other, and for their happiness in present and hereafter.

Happy wedding, Imim and Mas Dika. Have a good plan to design your beautiful future.

Pedang Pora Ceremony. The wedding tradition in Indonesian Armed Forces. Mas Dika is in his army uniform, and Imim is in her kebaya and special Minang's head piece for wedding.


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  1. I miss you lelek. Kapan kemari?

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