(Used to be) Maher Zain’s Concert in Bandung

October 6, 2011. Sasana Budaya Ganesha.

The Stage

I was surprised when my friend who works for the production company of Maher Zain’s concert called me and asked to attend the concert. To be honest, I just knew the name of this guy in few days ago. Then I now know he’s gonna held his own concert in Bandung.

At the front

The concert started at 8 pm by the MC, Daan, one of the member of comedy group, P-Project. I was sitting right in front of the stage, so I could assure that my view is the best among the other audience. Daan opened the concert in a pleasure way, so, the audience who dying to see Maher Zain were cool down.

Wonderful opening act by Fadly ‘Padi’ with his beautiful voice. He sang Peristiwa Pagi, a religious song about the actual activity in the morning. Fadly delivered it in a very deep and I felt it. I was amazed with his performance. Yes, I know, he is a very good singer. Zain told that he is proud having Fadly as his duet, he such a world-class singer. The last opening song is the ‘tribute to Gaza’. Fadly asked us to pray for our family in Palestine and sent our spirit that as we united, we will not go down by the forces of enemy. The song was in english, but the delivery succeed to touch my feeling of what the song meant.

Fadly 'Padi' on the stage

The bridging time between the opening act and the main performance was quiet long. We should wait without any accompany from the MC, nor audios and videos. Irfan Makki came out sing his first song. I didn’t remember what the title was, and after the first song he greeted the audience “Asalamualaikum, Bandung! Terima kasih. Hatur nuhun sadayana” He was trying really hard to pronounce both Indonesian and local Sundanese language.

I was not there until the end of the show, just watched three out of all song list. The first which I forgot the title, Sorry, and Waiting for The Call. He was also a-cappella-ing You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson. Overall, after I experienced his show for tonight, I know that his voice was really great. I am not a concert or music expertise. So, my opinion is real based on my point of view as the concert’s audience.

Irfan Makki

As I know from my friend who worked for the show, that there were no rehearsal for the concert, I was shocked. Fadly was better, even the best performance of tonight show, since I was not watching Maher Zain itself. What?! I was not watching the star of the concert, since the name of the concert after his name? So, actually, this title’s post is suppose to be Irfan Makki and Fadly ‘Padi’ concert. That’s why I wrote the title (Used to be) Maher Zain’s concert.

I wasn’t disappointed because of the show, since I got the free-pass from my friend. The only consideration from myself is to think about another audience who already paid for more than Rp500,000 and the got the no-rehearsal-show. I believe, in international, Zain already got his position as a good singer, and still, he will become ‘someone’ in Indonesian music industry with his originality. The concert was too early as he just became the very new rising singer in Indonesia. He will have his next concert in Surabaya and Jakarta. I believe the comments and critics from many parties will make his upcoming concerts better.

*Biggest thanks for Teguh Yasa for the free-pass.


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