2 hours in Trans Studio Bandung

Me, Jawa, and Angga at the front gate

Hey, guys. It’s been almost a week after I have been packed in a very tight schedule, so I couldn’t write anything here. Actually, I want to share about what I have done lately within this one week, but i guess it will come up in different posts since the topic will be different.

So today, what a pleasure, my friends came from Jakarta to meet me. They are Angga Adhitya and Asyharul Fityan. I call them Angga and Jawa. Both of this guys are my very best friends.

When three best friends meet, of course doing fun activities are compulsory. So today, we went to and explored an indoor theme park located right in the Bandung Super Mall area, namely Trans Studio Bandung which considered as one of the most attractive one in South East Asia. The entrance ticket fee for weekday is Rp 150.000 (open from 10.00-21.00) and for weekend is Rp 200.000 (open from 09.00-22.00). They also provide the VIP ticket category, which this ticket has its own privilege for its holders to get the fast access to save time in queue line. For your information, you need to add or spend Rp 200.000 more than the regular ones to enjoy this VIP previlege.

Three of us entered the gate as the lavish, colorful yet inviting interior layout and design welcomed us. When we were walking around the park, then suddenly a girl with the clown costume came to me and touched my shirt. With her very big ‘clowney‘ smile, she said, “You’re handsome, really handsome.”, and asked me to took a picture with her. What? Again, people recognize my Batik as a good thing to see. Does it because I wear it to hang out, as the people are used to wear a shirt and jeans on daily basis?

The girl who adores my batik

Now I do realize that you will never know, wherever you are, whatever you wear, the simplest thing like your outfits can reflect the persona within yourself. So, today’s lesson from this sweet-accidental-moment is paying attention of what you are about to wear before stepping out of your house does very matters. It is ‘that’ easy actually to preserve our cultures. Why should we think of it too much? If there is nothing wrong with the culture, then there is nothing wrong with young people love their culture that much too. We should stop starting to take care of our culture when it starts to be claimed by other people or nations, before it is too late after all. This is not about what other people or nations to recognize our cultures. But first and foremost, we need to raise our self-awareness and be more conscious about what we have and what to preserve. Then, the rest of our actions will be followed with all the very genuine actions.

The theme park itself is actually really cool, since it is the first indoor one I have ever visited in Indonesia. The rides, the adventures, the food stalls, the stores, the theme and design. All in very magnificently prepared concept.

At first, since I came there on weekday, so I kinda predict there won’t be many people coming to the park, and yes, it is exactly what I have predicted. Woohooo! I nearly did not need any minutes to queue, since it is the most time-consuming activity in any theme parks, (even) in any places. I rode Yamaha Racing Coaster, the world’s fastest roller-coaster with forward and backward moves, Transcar Racing, the adventure of racing in the real track sensation, Si Bolang Adventure, it was like Istana Boneka adventure we had in Dunia Fantasi Jakarta, but in a new way of presentation, Trans Broadcast Museum, how to make a television programme-behind the scene, Dunia Lain The Ride, you rode a cart and the showed you with the mystical of Bandung legends, Negeri Raksasa, the adventure of dropped from the sky, and Kong Climb, wall climbing.

Dunia Lain The Ride

Kong Climb, the wall-climbing

Preparation before climbing. Safety first!

I climbed the Kong. It's difficult and hurting, really.

Si Bolang Adventure, Jawa Barat!

Jakarta in Bolang's perspective

I rode the "racing car", dude!

After racing the Transcar Racing

Trans Broadcast Museum

And finally, the fun ended

So, that was my share for today’s fun. I had fun as the long time ago I have planned my visit to this park. Even though I only spent my two hours here, didn’t mean that I less enjoyed the fun. I fully enjoyed it! I will always remember the Batik experience in Trans Studio Bandung.


3 pemikiran pada “2 hours in Trans Studio Bandung

  1. hoaaaaa dipost… harusnya gw sama angga lo beliin batik, biar kompak…ahahahhah

  2. Genuinely no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of after that its up to other visitors that they will help, so here it takes place.

  3. Salam Muhammad Cipta Suhada, I truly enjoyed reading this post. I’m from Malaysia & going to visit Bandung in early May 2015. I would sincerely appreciate some words of advice from a local Bandung residence to a foreigner visiting this great city.

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