Not the food, but the laugh

Guys, it’s almost a month after the event united and made us close as friend. Wondering the way we know each other, made me ever thought that this kind of friendship won’t last long. I know, it is not about what productive or beneficial activity we done, but the chat, the share, the time-spending, and last the laugh, that is what I truly believe as the most important. From now on, this friendship should not be just about the laugh, but also the many other side of living. Yeah, good time-bad time, top mood-bottom mood, so on. Thank you guys for making it good, so far. It is real, and I really want to make it into long-term-reality.

Sagoo, Jl. Riau, Bandung

Hazki and Naldi, as they come out with silence and craziness

Sarah and me, she's totally insane!

No, not me! Look at Sarah!

Finally, Keshia and Sarah posed in a proper

Cucumber? Or "Cucumber?"

Tridan and Bagus, not the perfect photograph-taking concerned, but look at the laugh


No comment, haha


This is gonna be our real "laugh" after all, isn't it?

All photos courtesy of Maytridan Yoshua Sumalong.

2 pemikiran pada “Not the food, but the laugh

  1. anjir ngakak mulu gw liat fotonya sarah. hahahaha

  2. Fotonya sarah gokil yakk..

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