Auto 2000 Asia Afrika, Bandung: Corporate Relations Coordinator’s Interview

Monday, September 19, 2011

So, today is my turn to wrap up the task from Human Resources Management lecture. As the lecturer assigned us to make a short interview to any position in a company, four of us, which consist of Tiara (Environmental Engineering ITB), Yudha Hany, and Cahya Yudha (Chemsitry ITB) went to the Auto 2000 Asia Afrika office. It should be 6 of us went to the interview, but unfortunately another 2, Mitha (Environmental Engineering ITB) and Fiki (Pharmacy ITB) were attending their class. 

The office is located on Jalan Asia Afrika, Bandung. About 20-30 minutes driving from campus in Jalan Ganeca. 

Finally, after some moments of waiting, we met the source person, Ms. Rian. The beautiful woman is Corporate Relations Coordinator in Auto 2000 Asia Afrika. She welcomed us in a very warm atmosphere, so the questions-answers for our task were held in a nice way. Many questions were asked by Tiara, while the other took notes, audio-recording the conversation, and took the photographs.

Ms. Rian on her desk

In brief, she explained about her duties as the coordinator, the goal, the relations with the customer, her responsibility to the company, and so on. All explanations were very clear. What have I learned from her job is the main duty is to be the spoke person of the company-to-the-customer, also from the customer to the company, as well. Seems very simple, but many responsibilities were actually on her shoulder.


During interview session

I thank Ms. Rian as the source person, Mr. Ari as the head of the branch office for making it happen.


2 pemikiran pada “Auto 2000 Asia Afrika, Bandung: Corporate Relations Coordinator’s Interview

  1. ayo kita beresin tugasnya!! haha tugas belum beres tapi udah ada postingannya ajaaa

  2. i know ms rian,,i met her yesterday hahah..i ll trainee there,,ugh!

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