Chevron, Sumatera, and My Childhood

ChevronHaving spent 12 years living within the society of Chevron Pacific Indonesia (previously known as Caltex Pacific Indonesia) as one of the oil company in Indonesia has made me understand and realize the harshness of life in this kind of world. I have experienced the ups and downs of being born and raise in this society. Until one point, I have felt the joy and the facilites that they have offered as an exchange for the pause for the growth of my characteristic. I decided to break myself free from this way of life and start everything over in Jakarta, the place that people claim to be an even harsher place.

I am currently taking on my bachelor degree in Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering, where most of us, the student of this faculty, if not all, sooner or later will face the kind of life that I have felt. That is why I would like to share the experiences and morals of life that I have acquired. This is all for the sake of preparing ourselves for the changes that will happen and to prevent the failures and overexpectations of this world, since as a human, all we can do is try our best.

I was born in Rumbai, Pekanbaru, Riau Province in 1989. Ten years in Rumbai and two years in Duri, fully accomodated by Caltex Pacific Indonesia (that was the name at the time, as I have previously mentioned). I grew up very close to the world of petroleum. I watched oil drilling every week, learned the methods of obtaining petroleum in certain programme, and was taught the importance of discipline in many aspects of life.

tulisan masuk campAs an oil company, Chevron facilitates its employees and their families with many things. One of them is housing facilities. The area in which they live in is called a “Camp”. There are 4 Camps in Riau; they are Rumbai, Minas, Duri, and Dumai.

Rumbai Camp is located at the heart of the province (Pekanbaru, Riau). To head to Minas Camp, all it takes is a 15 minute ride from Rumbai. Even though Minas is close to Rumbai, outside the Minas Camp is actually a small city, with very limited facilities and somewhat an isolated area. Duri is 120 kilometers away from Rumbai. Duri Camp is the largest Camp in Caltex Riau. Dumai is about a 1-1.5 hour ride from Duri. Dumai Camp is located near the shores, so shipping activities take place there, especially with Chevron’s airport being in Dumai Camp.

Other than the housing facilities, there are also other facilites. Some of them are road signs, entertainment facilities, sport facilities, and education facilities. Limited activities within the Camp made us interact with neighbors often. This formed a solid community within our neighborhood, and we used to hold many activities together.

Chevron Pacific Indonesia accomodates the employees and their families with many facilities. All of your needs can be found at around your neighborhood. Any problems that you may face would be taken care by special officers.

As a normal human who has been served with many conveniences, having a life this easy would make us take things too easy too. We will end up having problems adapting to new changes and problems that will always take place in our lives. That is why by presenting this, I hope that this will help my colleagues in Faculty of Mining and Petroleum Engineering will come up as  individuals that gives their best dedication for theirselves, their families, their companies, and our beloved homeland, Indonesia.


18 pemikiran pada “Chevron, Sumatera, and My Childhood

  1. after reading your posting, i speculate that your father or mother works in petroleum company. thats why you seem familiar with petroleum/mining/and the life of its employee.

    thx… great posting based on great experience.

  2. yea, my father works there. actually its one of my task at campus, i think its good to share it here.

    thanks for visiting my blog, dont too fast to get bored ok? waiting for ur another visits. 😉

  3. oohh so my speculation is right, huh. heheh…

    okay, never getting bore insha Allah. i love ur articles in this blog. great… waiting also your visit to my blog. just make yourself at home…

    how if we link our blogs one another (in our blogs, of course). thx…

  4. yea you r rite. 😉

    insyaAllah i will never get bored to share my experience here. its fun 🙂

    i will visit ur blog to exchange anything, ok?

    i will also put ur blog in my blogroll

    keep blogging. nice to know u 🙂

  5. Nice share, so you were grew up and living within the society of petroleum company, as known the chevron. Enjoy with the facilities and have experienced who maybe not all Riau children and teenager can’ felt that.

    so do I, having spent 20 years, I can feel and enjoy living with chevron society and also Pekanbaru city too, who it is about 5 kilometers away from Rumbai camp because I stay at Rumbai, not Rumbai Camp, eventhough my father work in this company, hehehe…

    Maybe it’s very different that conditon and life in chevron camp with Pekanbaru City about 10 years ago. Until, some people say that live in camp is same with live in America interstate, very different with Pekanbaru, who the capital of this oil province,whereas Rumbai camp is part of subdistrict in Pekanbaru. Most of Indonesia’s petroleum is produced in Riau.

    But now, after Indonesian state autonomy, Riau and the others province in Indonesia has authority siystem to develop this province, and the result is a change. a change for better for the people.
    Until some people from the camp feel in another side world if they visit to shopping in Pekanbaru mall’s,. Because the different life between camp and the city, whereas, they actually live in that another side world, hehehe…. maybe you can feel too.:p.

    Since, Pekanbaru recorded 8.9% economical growth in 2007….. I bet, it must be one of the highest in Indonesia. Since, Indonesia as a whole just recorded about 6% in 2007 Eventhough Pekanbaru’s economy is based on the nonpetroleum industry. Because Pekanbaru is not produce oil. But,Riau’s economy exactly is based on the petroleum industry. Because most of regency in Riau be produced.

    but wait, this condition will different if Riau has special autonomy who there are about 50%-60% national income. How about chevron? it’s impossible? hehehe,, it’s not dream but it is mission for the Indonesian people.

    well, sory if my comment is too long :p, I just share. hehe… nice blog. keep blogging :).

    • makasih banyak kris, sharenya luar biasa. masukannya juga berharga sekali. semoga komunikasi seperti ini biasa bertahan dan dapat bermanfaat ke depannya suatu saat nanti, ya 🙂 terima kasih sudah appreciate luar biasa dengan blog ini.. salam kenal.

  6. nice share da! gw mampir bntr nih buat ngambil logo chevron. insya allah mau internship dsana. good luck for ur future yap!

    hv a great life.

    RAISYA – TERRA 07046

  7. kapan mulai daftar program internshipnya?…

    eh ada Icha…

  8. Nice. I’m in Duri, the sister town to Rumbai. I’ve been here four years. The school is now called ISR (international schools riau). Prior to the name change it was CAS. Just thought you’d appreciate the extra information 😉

    • thank you Leighia, i do really appreciate you kindness of giving me this info. 🙂 see you.

  9. I lived in Minas until 1992. And then moved to Surabaya 🙂 ya sampe sekarang juga masih di Surabaya sih. Pernah tinggal di Rumbai, di kompleks Enau (pas masih batita), dan balik lagi ke Rumbai di kompleks Jati (cuma 1 caturwulan, diawal tahun 1988).

    Agak susah ya nyari foto2 terkait housing camp di Minas 😦

    So far, cuma nemu Rumbai dan Duri (taken by my blogging friends).

  10. Hi, i’m really interesting to apply an internship program during this school holiday. i already sent the application via post, but unsure because i haven’t get the good news yet. do you have any contact of HRD officer in chevron? i want to send it again by email. thank you very much.

  11. Can anyone tell me more about duri camp? Thinking if relocating with my family of 3 smalll boys, 4,3 and 1 years old.

  12. Nice blog. I have worked in Duri under Contractors in 2005. Just like Sims City USA, the two main roads, Hang tuah sudirman, friendly people and lots of culinary. I miss the place, wish I had the chance to go there again in the near future. Hopefully one day I will be working over there as a Chevron worker.
    Salam kenal NAHRAF

  13. My father designed the drilling school in Duri in the early 80’ was Caltex at that time.

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